Digital nutrition

I read a great tweet from my friend, Faheem.

The digital age has contributed meaningfully to increase in anxiety. Digital nutrition is a real thing. Follow good people, prevent empty calories. Improve the quality of info you consume, reduce the junk & and you’ll feel the difference.

The idea we need to care about what we consume in digital food, as it’s having a material impact on our well-being.

Great concept - we spend so much time keeping our spiritual, physical, and mental health at peak conditions. But a huge component is where we spend our attention & time. And for most of us, that’s on digital products.

I have been trying to do a few things: 1) mute content that exacerbates a negative reaction (anxiety, FOMO, etc.), and 2) trying to read high-quality journalism and longer form content.

Hopefully, those inputs start to create a long-term, sustainable plan for self-care and more. Thanks for the though, Faheem!