This month, I was thinking of superheroes.

For years, I loved watching Marvel and DC heroes save the world with their sublime strength, skill and talent.

For me though, my favorite heroes were decidedly…human. None were bestowed with supernatural abilities; rather, all were normal guys who transformed themselves with work, grit and tenacity.

Here are different lessons I learned from my favorite heroes.

Batman — Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny.

We all know the story. Bruce Wayne watched his parents perish in front of his eyes — and then had to manage through a storm of pain and sorrow. However, rather than crumbling, the trauma shaped Bruce and pushed him to become great. I am inspired by how he channeled his loss into focus to come out stronger and become the Dark Knight.


Ironman — We bend the world to our will.

Tony Stark, with pure intelligence and drive, developed a suit of armor that gave him staggering powers — strength, weapons and flight. Rather than being born with abilities, he built them with his bare hands. I am inspired by Tony’s raw confidence in himself; he fundamentally believed that any challenge could be worked through with logic and thought.


Daredevil — Sometimes things have to fall apart for better things to fall together.

Matt Murdoch was dealt a devastating loss to his vision as a young boy. But through intense training, he was able to work his weakness to his advantage. Losing his sight was not the end; he was able to cultivate his other senses so acutely that he became a formidable force. I am inspired by Matt’s ability to reframe his thinking; he decided to double down on what he had gained from the situation and not what he had lost.


Stories from these characters have always been great for their relatability — and the lessons they provide. Safe to say, I’m looking forward to this summer’s collection of superhero films!