Memories and Time

When I want to reflect on my life, and the time that I spent, I want to remember my collection of memories.

Memories from great discussions, delectable food, amazing scenery, laughing where my voice cracks - everything in between.

Not the amount of hours I worked, or the money in my account.

The little thoughts that swirl in my head when I go to sleep and when I wake up.


This month, I was thinking of superheroes.

For years, I loved watching Marvel and DC heroes save the world with their sublime strength, skill and talent.

For me though, my favorite heroes were decidedly…human. None were bestowed with supernatural abilities; rather, all were normal guys who transformed themselves with work, grit and tenacity.

Here are different lessons I learned from my favorite heroes.

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This month, I was thinking about how things catch on — like a wildfire blazing in the forest.

In a matter of days or weeks, something can spread so fast and so forcefully, it becomes a cultural phenomenon.

It’s stunning to see this process unfold, but what amazes me: sometimes the catalyst comes from sharp and savvy marketing.

Here are a few notable things that caught my eye over the years:

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Hygiene for your Head.

Hope all of you have started the year happy and healthy.

In the spirit of good health, I want to share a TED Talk that I really liked — the idea of emotional hygiene.

Guy Winch, a psychologist (and ironically, a twin too!), speaks about taking care of ourselves mentally — similar to ways we take care of ourselves physically.

Most of us having good physical habits: we exercise, we diet and we floss. And when we get sick, we seek out proper help to heal — medicine, therapy, etc.

So why not apply the same idea to our psychological health? What about practicing good hygiene for our brain?

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The Boring Side of Greatness.

This month, I was thinking how people become great.

From spectacular athletes to powerful thinkers, certain people have found a distinct formula for success.

So…what is it? What is the secret, powerful method that got them to the top? More and more, I read that greatness is found only after being…boring.

By boring, I mean the discipline to work. Every day — rain or shine. For a long, long time.

It’s neither glamorous nor easy nor fast. It’s a deep and enduring commitment to your craft. Small steps in a thousand mile journey.

Tom Clancy put it well: “An overnight success is ten years in the making.”

Here are a few examples of boring greatness that continue to inspire me:

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Presence in the Present

Recently, I caught myself drifting — lost in memories of the past and thoughts of the future.

The past is both comforting but haunting. You’ve gone through it, and you already know what’s happened. And like a highlight reel, you can spend hours looking over your own footage. I spent a lot of time thinking on how to edit and adjust my footage. I was caught in a reminiscence of everything behind me.

The future is exciting but fickle. You’ve never gone through it, and you have don’t know what’s going to happen. And like a movie trailer, you can spend hours planning out your new footage. I spent a lot of time trying to direct and prepare scenes yet to come. I was caught in a rapture of everything ahead of me.

But I soon realized, I was losing touch with today. Bit by bit, it was getting washed away by the past and the future.

Could I do anything to experience a richer, fuller present?

A few things have helped me keep presence in the present:

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